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Customer expectations are on the rise thanks to services like Amazon, Uber and Netflix. They have retrained consumer brains for transparency of service and control around when and where a service is received.

Hear about what Customer Expectations 4.0 (CEx 4.0) is and how it's affecting your business, in less time than a coffee break.

Topics covered:

  • The retrained customer brain
  • iOS13 update and how it affects the mobile workforce
  • Actual customer experience story
  • Eliminating mobile workforce friction

Hear from Merrin Hughes, Global Product Marketing Manager; Amelia Wilson, Marketing Manager for APAC; and Justine Coleman, Sales Director for APAC and voice of the customer.


Your presenters


Merrin Hughes - Global Product Marketing Manager | LinkedIn

A passion for communication and writing led Merrin into Product Marketing. With 13 years working for SaaS companies, she’s developed a love of talking to customers, discussing and sharing product benefits, and helping shape solutions that make life easier. Now, with Localz, she’s keen to help companies make the day of service frictionless for their customers.



Amelia Wilson - Marketing Manager for APAC | LinkedIn

Amelia has worked in various large corporations and advertising agencies in South Africa, UK, UAE and now Australia, on their branding and marketing campaigns. Juggling work and parenthood made her very keen to share the ease that Localz technology could bring to everyone's lives.



Justine Coleman - Sales Director for APAC | LinkedIn

Having worked in the service industry, Justine has a passion to help businesses provide their customers with excellent service. Be it B2B or B2C, Justine has experience with Tier 1 Enterprise companies in both markets and understands the needs that these organisations have when dealing with clients.

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