Count Me In Enterprise

Keep count, safely.

Easily prove regulatory compliance with multi-store reporting across unlimited devices, exporting of historical data and real-time alerting.

Social distancing regulations have forced retailers to rethink everything, including how to reduce and manage in-store capacity to ensure safe practices. Multiple entrances and exit points only complicate the problem. 

Support your operations with a people counting solution that provides a real-time store capacity snapshot along with reporting functionality.

  • Use unlimited Android and iOS counting devices that simultaneously sync.
  • Real-time visibility across all stores.
  • Historical reporting and capacity alerts by store.
  • Enterprise support.

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Implement Count Me In retail traffic counter quickly and easily using your employee's existing devices. Schedule a demo to learn more. 

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Understand how many people are in your stores right now with real-time, accurate counts.

Group 169
Group 169

Management dashboard for full visibility.

View which stores are under, near or over capacity in real-time.

Easily monitor every entrance and exit in real-time.

  • Set individual store capacity
  • Set custom alert thresholds based on capacity
  • Visual in-app and dashboard alerting
Group 150

Unlimited counting devices per store that sync simultaneously.

  • Unlimited Android & iOS devices 
  • Use the devices your employees already have
  • View in-store traffic remotely from any device
Group 162

Enterprise capabilities for retail organisations.


Easy, intuitive app

Make it simple to track people coming in and out of multiple entrances and exits with one touch.


Simultaneous syncing

Use unlimited Android and iOS counting devices that simultaneously sync.


Remote view

View in-store traffic remotely on any device with real-time accuracy.


Historical reporting

All current and historical data can be easily exported for reporting.


Store tracking

Set store capacity limits and capacity alert thresholds by individual store.


Enterprise support

You’re in good hands with single sign-on, offline sync support and data secured by region.


Click & Collect

For collection teams, ensure express collection and pick-ups with store alerts when customers arrive and streamlined communication.

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