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How British Gas have increased their first time access rate


"On my way" messaging has radically improved first time access rates for British Gas, this is showcased in their current television advert where Wilbur receives a notification for his boiler service.

This session will take a close look at how British Gas is digitising to connect engineers  in real-time with customers. You will hear first-hand the ROI from this roll out and participate in a Q&A.

Live 30 minute webinar looking at:

  1. British Gas: their first time access challenge
  2. Solving customer and engineer pain
  3. Localz implementation and the ROI
  4. Demonstration of the "On my way" solution
  5. Question and answer session

The speakers



Mike Burns, Technology Innovation Manager for British Gas, joins

Emma Lampert from Localz to talk about their last mile challenges.