86% of customers want to talk to their driver or engineer directly on the day of service.

In this whitepaper, run in partnership with Field Service News, we look at precisely what the new challenges of modern field services are and how your organisation can adapt and thrive in this brave new world.

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  • Customer Expectations 4.0: how customer centricity is make or break for your business.
  • Next-generation Field Service Management tools.
  • Companies leading the way by uberizing customer communications.

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Uberization: Fad or Fiction?

Industry 4.0, advanced services and exceeding customer expectations, dominate the pages of industry press and conference presentations

Field Service in the early decades of the twenty-first century has become an increasingly tricky beast to tame. Customer expectations are hurtling forward at breakneck speed to what some companies view as almost impossible standards to reach. The customer of today is not only better informed than ever before, but via the widespread amplification of social media, more powerful too.

Today, customers expect:

  • Live tracking and control of their appointment
  • Proactive, two-way communication
  • Details of their engineer or technician
  • Ability to rate the service on their phone




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Making the Day of Service Awesome

Localz are experts in location and mobile technology, providing last mile solutions for logistics, field services and retail. With an agile mentality we integrate our smart technology with enterprise legacy environments to enable delivery or collection of products and services first time.

You can achieve 18% improvement in first time access, a 22% reduction of chasing calls and a double-digit NPS increase.

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