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The pressure on field service companies is greater than it ever has been. As we embrace an everything now culture, where on-demand is the new norm, time has become perhaps the single greatest commodity of all.


Gig Economy

In this whitepaper, run in partnership with Field Service News, we look at why the discussion around the gig economy should be widened to embrace experienced, mature workers.

Beyond the headlines of millennials on bikes, there is an increasingly mature pool of experienced gig-economy workers who are ready and able to fill in the gaps in your existing field workforce.

Read more about:

  • Why field service needs the gig economy.
  • How a blended workforce helps businesses meet variable demand.
  • Debunking the myths surrounding hybrid labor.
  • The benefits of the mature gig worker in field service.
  • The importance of customer perception.
40% of companies expect that gig workers will become an increasing part of their workforce.

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