Presented by Emma Lampert, Head of Customer Success at Localz and Ross Nelson, IT Manager at Belron.

Ross and Emma discuss one of the biggest dilemmas facing businesses who are looking to improve or update their processes and solution.

Sharing insight and lessons learned, Ross provides examples of when he’s chosen to build in-house and why, what he feels is the biggest benefit of choosing to buy vs build, and how this impacts his overall decision. The webinar also features a live Q&A session.

At the end of the 30 minute webinar, you will have:

  • A good understanding of the main considerations and implications when deciding to buy in software vs building your own
  • Gained valuable insight into Belron’s global process when choosing to partner with a specialist solutions provider
  • Learnt how Localz is providing software solutions for Belron.


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The speakers


Ross Nelson, IT Manager for Belron

Emma Lampert, Head of Customer Success for Localz